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Recom Blacksmith is a part of Recom Group – innovative studio for creating high-end cgi and compositing content. Discover our range of services covering still and motion.

Mercedes GLC – Full CGI
A desert epic in full CGI for Mercedes's GLC SUV. Executed perfectly by Recom's international network of studios, working across timelines in harmony. Recom Blacksmith created sweeping landscapes in CGI, Recom Farmhouse London and NYC set and lit the cars in the environment, and finally London, NYC, Germany and Paris all worked on the finest details of retouching and grading to make every component perfect.
Nissan X-Trail Full CGI
A blast of fresh air in full CGI! An ice-cool campaign from our Paris studio, shown in ski resorts.
Peroni with Rick Guest
Fantastic partnership between Peroni's 0% beer brand and Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team.
Lincoln L100 concept
Official Launch images of the L100 concept
A Timeless Story
Porsche Panamera with Uli Heckmann | CGI
CGI project done with photographer Uli Heckmann for Porsche featuring the golden Acido Dorado building designed by architect Robert Stone just a few hundred metres north of Joshua Tree National Park in California.
Porsche Cayman GT4
Porsche reveals the new Rebel Cayman GT4. Worldwide Advertising, Print and Web.
Environment r&d for production v1
Spectrum – Full CGI
Almost entirely CGI visuals for Jan Kath's current carpet collection "Spectrum", inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Scroll down to see how these warm and tactile spaces were created.
Canoo with Jeff Ludes
BMW i4 with Clemens Ascher
Porsche Panamera "Courage changes everything"
Audi Seat Porftolio Project - FULL CGI
OTTO Full CGI Project
Mercedes-Benz CLA with Anke Luckmann | CGI & Retouching
For the new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake advertisign campaign, Anke Luckmann photographed the platforms in the three separate locations (London, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Paris) and photographed the cars separately as well. We assembled all together and rendered the environment reflections in CGI.
Porsche x TAGHeuer // 99X Electric Formula E
California - the story...
Audi Aicon - CGI
Noise of heaven / Act 1
Mercedes Benz Formula One
Commissioned CGI Work
Porsche Panamera with Erik Chmil
Mercedes-Benz S 500 Plug-In Hybrid - Full CG
Audi Performance League with Uwe Düttmann
Mercedes Motorsport - Formula 1 Winner
Artwork celebrating the victory of Lewis Hamilton in the 2014 Formula1 drivers' championship.
Back to the days...
Need for speed
Driving Performance