"Feel the passion inside" is the essence of this well received OOH campaign that marks the new partnership between Peroni's 0% beer brand and Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team. This fun mix of CGI and retouching was beautifully executed by our London studio.

It started out with an angle and lighting session with Rick Guest and the client prior to the shoot since the car, floor, as well as reflections and shadows of the people were to be created in CGI.
Equipped with the camera information and lighting direction the photographer captured the talent with all the props in a studio, along with the bottle to be composited and retouched within the CGI image. We gave Rick a mockup of the tarmac and pit lane markings to help place the crew in the correct positions and also to use them under the bottle to get the asphalt texture through the glass and refractions from the white lines underneath. Our post team color graded and fine tuned the images that worked equally well in a horizontal and vertical crop.
Client: Peroni
Agency: Trouble Maker
Photographer: Rick Guest​​​​​​​
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Hogarth, Elspeth Lynn
Client Partner: Tracey Yuen
Senior Producer: Mira Bajagic
CGI Artists: Pedro Duarte, Ivo Stanev / Recom Farmhouse London
Post Artists: Kate BrownAljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse London
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