Recom Blacksmith, in collaboration with the sound artist Georgi Atanassov, are excited to present the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Flyback Chronograph full CGI portfolio project.
After laying out the initial creative concepts and entering the design stage we realized there are two sides to the handcrafted masterpieces created by the watch smiths at A. Lange & Söhne that we want to showcase:
The first version we created is tightly related to the chronograph's appearance, it's monolithic presence as a cosmic entity measuring time while outside of its flow, as showed by its flyback functionality and its ability to track multiple temporal lines simultaneously. This version shows the 1815 Flyback Chronograph as a piece of art to be worn by those who can adhere to its demands of elegance, power and technological innovation, all encapsuled within the mechanism of the time piece. This version showcases the chronograph in its full brilliance, without hesitation and with a grand statement.
The second version demonstrates the attention to detail, precision and harmony in combining each individual element, in order to create the perfect time piece, in both elegance and technical excellence. This version represents the symbiosis between creator and creation, an intimate relationship that has no culmination, but is sealed indefinitely within the chronograph itself.

Creative : Recom Blacksmith
CGI & Post production : Recom Blacksmith
Music & Sound Design: Georgi Atanassov 

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