A desert epic in full CGI for Mercedes's GLC SUV. Executed perfectly by Recom's international network of studios, working across timelines in harmony. Recom Blacksmith created sweeping landscapes in CGI, Recom Farmhouse London and NYC set and lit the cars in the environment, and finally London, NYC, Germany and Paris all worked on the finest details of retouching and grading to make every component perfect.
Project : Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV
Client : Mercedes-Benz
Agency : Antoni
Creative : Tim Grötzinger
Agency Producer : Aras Sehatkar

CGI Artists :
Pedro Duarte, Marvin Lübke / Recom Farmhouse London
Luke Burke / Recom Farmhouse NYC
Ivo Stanev / Recom Blacksmith

Post Artists :
Kate Brown, Aljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse London
Pepe Alram / Recom Paris
Christian Schemer / Recom Stuttgart
Steve Orts, Andrew Coleman / Recom Farmhouse NYC
Ulf Cantignon / Recom Berlin
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More work at recomfarmhouse.com and our blog madlove.net.

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