Audi Aicon

Agency: Loved
Creative Director: Rouven Steinke
CGI Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese / Recom Berlin
CGI Artist: Ivo Stanev / Recom Stuttgart
Post Artist: Christian Schemer / Recom Stuttgart
Backplates: Victor Jon Goico, Rouven Steinke, Julia Pommerenke

The beauty of CGI is the ability to take a futuristic vehicle and place it into our current world. 

Audi Magazin Germany explains the development of autonomous vehicles on the basis of their sleek Aicon concept car which lacks a steering wheel and any pedals or control buttons but instead, offers high tech self driving features and jet style comfort.

 Our CGI director Thorsten Jasper Weese worked closely with agency Loved on the concept for this international, editorial CGI project. With backplates produced in collaboration with three different photographers in Capetown, Tokyo, Dallas and Iceland, our Stuttgart team merged future and present to envision the road ahead.